200 Calorie Pizza In 7 Minutes


Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean you are stuck eating sad chicken and lettuce every day. This quick and healthy pizza recipe is the perfect lunch or snack when you a craving a slice.  



What you will need: 

1 - Middle Eastern Flatbread or Pita

1 Tbs - Pizza sauce

1 Tbs - Shredded Mozzarella

Assemble and bake at 450F for 5 Min or so. These can also be baked easily in a toaster oven. 


1 whole Pizza = 200 calories/ 29.2g Carbs/ 8.5g Protein / 6g Fat


You don’t have to cut carbs in order to see progress. The only time you should cut carbs is when you slice your damn pizza😂🙌🏼