Results happen in the kitchen.Your kitchen is the #1 tool you need to achieve your goals. Meal prep, planning and packing meals is key to staying on track and getting the results that you want. Make the time to plan accordingly. Life can get crazy, but if you take the time to set yourself up for success the week will go so much smoother.

One Time Macros Consultation

Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. There are three main classes of macros: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

It’s a new way of eating where you count macronutrients instead of calories. Flexible dieting gives you complete control over what you eat. It will change your perception about nutrition since you will mostly stop seeing food as good or bad but as macronutrients only. I will tell you exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you should eat.

Here’s How it Works

1. Check your Email

Once purchased, you’ll get an email with links to access your goodies and an online form

2. Fill the Form

Fill the online questionnaire with the requested information and then submit it

3. Calculation is Done

I’ll review your info and then craft your personalized set of macros

4. Get your Macros

You will receive your macros in 2-3 business days after having sent the online form

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