How does online training work?

Online training is sold as a Three month program (12 weeks)

Activated upon receipt of your first week of workouts after filling out your consultation. 

Online training includes:

  • Free consultation
  • Weekly check ins and personalized workout blocks
  • Monthly phone chat 
  • Custom Calorie Recommendation broken down in to macros 
  • Access to a secret group on facebook for accountability and support during active training

What is a macro recommendation? 

  • A recommendation of calories broken down to the grams of protein, carbs and fat for your specific goals 


What is KGKfitsisters?

  • On online community of women supporting each other in months health and fitness challenges. 
  • Monthly Challenges with new workouts every month 
  • Macro recommendation every month
  • Access to a secret group on facebook for accountability and support

These workouts can be started at any level. Each challenger works at their own level. The group is all about cheering one another on in a private environment. Accountability is a huge part of being successful, but not everyone wants to or can share progress on their social media accounts. The fit club provides you with that support while you do your challenge at home. It also gives you the opportunity to ask me questions along the way.

How to Cancel your KGKfitsisters Account Cancel at anytime by logging in to you Paypal Account 

  1.  Login to Paypal
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Reoccurring Payments 
  4. Locate Keep Going Fitness
  5. Cancel