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Fitness isn't one size fits all. It's about figuring out what works for each individual and their unique lifestyle. 


Get workouts specifically written for you and your goals with accountability from a professional. Stay on track with weekly check ins. Each week Kat will check in with you to ensure you stay on track. You can contact her anytime for support via text, email or direct message. 


  • 12 weeks of Personal Training with new workout blocks sent weekly
  • Nutrition goals custom calculated personally by Kat with macros 101 guide and recipes
  • Monthly Phone Call to check in and provide additional coaching
  • Weekly Check ins with Kat via email
  • Access to secret group hosted on Facebook

Not sure what machines to use in the gym or how to workout from home? Kat will coach you on every aspect of your journey.

After a consultation Kat will provide you with a workout block that will be modified weekly.

This block is personalized for you, your equipment access, lifestyle and overall fitness level.

See what clients are saying:

I used to be the type that didn’t enjoy working out. Now I crave it.
— Ashley G.
I’m proud of my progress and I’m stronger and leaner than I was pre baby!
— Christine R.


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