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About Kat 

Kat's journey began after having her son. She knew she wanted to make a huge change and decided to document the process and share her journey. She was not an athlete in high school, couldn't do a single push-up and was truly a beginner in every definition of the word. With home workouts and determination she lost 65lbs without ever stepping foot in a gym. She documented the process on her Instagram account @katmaisano and in that process gained 60,000+ followers


Kat Maisano is a certified personal trainer (NASM), Fitness Studio Owner  and entrepreneur based in La Verne, CA. 

In 2015 she started KGKfitsisters. A monthly subscription fitness program and community. Inspiring and empowering women to take on their fitness journey with health goals at the forefront. This group now has over 200 monthly subscribers and has helped

Kat has been featured at the espnW Summit, LA Fitexpo and on Healthy Is The New Skinny. She has worked with global brands such as Under Armour, Reebok, and Kotex. 



Kat's Philosophy:

Love yourself along the way. You are allowed to love your body and want to improve at the same time. 
Allow yourself to be a beginner. We all have to start somewhere. Take it day by day. 
Something is better than nothing. Don't discount what a quick workout can do. Even 20 minutes a day and create major change. 
Balance is key. If you aren't enjoying the process you won't continue it.